Play Through Repertoire List

Play Through
August 26, 1-3pm
Veteran’s Park Shelter No. 4

Repertoire List:

Pre-Twinkle demonstration

Book 4/5:
Bach, Concerto for Two Violins in D Minor (Bach Double) –
Book 5 part: Sophia, Emily, Tobias, Andrew, Isaac
Book 4 part: Ingrid, Evie, Reagan, Alan, Mrs. Watt

Book 4:
Seitz, Concerto No. 2, 3rd mvt (everyone melody)

Book 3:
Dvorak, Humoresque
Bach, Gavotte in g minor

Book 2:
Beethoven, Minuet in G
Paganini, Theme from Witches’ Dance
Brahms, Waltz
Weber, Hunter’s Chorus
Handel, Chorus from Judas Maccabaeus

Book 1:
Schumann, Happy Farmer
Bach, Minuet 3 (with minor part from book 3)
Suzuki, Andantino
Suzuki, Allegro
May Song
Go Tell Aunt Rhody

**Duet parts will be provided for students. You must be 2 books beyond the book you play duets for (ie book 5 students may play duets for book 3).

Order of the day:
Tune – line up
Play Through
Pack up
Popsicles – Pinic

Fall Semester Kick-off: Picnic and Play Through

Don’t forget that to kick off the semester we are having a Picnic and Play through on Sunday, August 26, from 1 to 3pm at Veterans Park in shelter #4. This activity is for the WHOLE STUDIO! Please plan to attend. Bring your violin, a music stand if you are in book 4 or above, a picnic or a snack if you wish. You may also bring camp chairs and/or blankets and outdoor games (corn hole, volleyball, etc – please no water games!). Popsicles will be provided. IF YOU CANNOT ATTEND, PLEASE LET ME KNOW! I EXPECT THE WHOLE STUDIO TO BE THERE.

Fall Semester 2018: Important Dates

AUGUST: Payment due – Semester or First monthly installment

AUGUST 20: FALL Semester begins (payment due)

AUGUST 26: Fall Semester Kick Off Picnic – Veteran’s Park 1-3pm
Bring your instrument and a picnic/snack! We will have a play through
and then time to hang out together. (This counts as Group Class No. 1)

SEPTEMBER: Payment due if paying monthly


SEPTEMBER 15: Group classes meet
Late Book 1+ 9am; Early Book 1 10:00am;
St. Luke UMC; Group class fee due ($40)

SEPTEMBER 29: Group classes meet

OCTOBER: Payment due if paying monthly

OCTOBER 1: Monday lessons will meet to make up for Labor Day

OCTOBER 2: Makeup Day**

OCTOBER 13: Group classes meet

OCTOBER 27: Group classes meet (Halloween Group)

NOVEMBER: Payment due if paying monthly

1PM AT St. Luke UMC

NOVEMBER 19, 20: Makeup Days**

DECEMBER: Payment due if paying monthly

DECEMBER 8: LFMC FALL Festival (concerto and/or solo)
Faith Lutheran Church, Tates Creek Rd.

DECEMBER 14: last day of FALL Semester lessons

DECEMBER 15: CHRISTMAS Carols and Cookies
11am, St. Luke Loft

DECEMBER 17, 18, 19: Make-up Days**

** Students are allowed one makeup lesson per semester. Students are also encouraged to swap lesson times with another student or contact the instructor about moving a lesson (within the same week) or having a lesson via Skype or over the phone.


Group Classes: Fall 2018

Group classes are an integral part of Suzuki instruction; therefore, group classes are REQUIRED unless you are in school orchestra. They are highly suggested for all students who are in books 1 and 2, even if they are in school orchestra. Please contact me about extenuating circumstances or schedule conflicts.

GROUP STUDENTS: Violette W, Josh D, Nathan C, Greta R, Jackson L, Satchel C, Alex L, Genevieve C, Evan D, McKinley L, Alice R*, Mimi L*, Rose W*, Oliver C* (*=early group)


PAYMENT: Payment for Group Class is due at the first Group Class of the semester.
The group fee for this semester is $40. Please make checks payable to Bethany Watt.

Group Class will kick off with a STUDIO-WIDE Play Through and Picnic on Sunday, August 26 from 1 to 3pm at Veteran’s Park!

Group classes will meet on the following Saturdays: September 15, September 29, October 13, and October 27. All Group Classes will meet at St. Luke United Methodist Church located at 2351 Alumni Drive. We will meet upstairs in the LOFT. Enter through door number 3 and take the elevator up to the 2nd floor.

The October 27th group will be Halloween Group. Please plan to wear your costume!

Late book 1 and beyond: 9am
Eary book 1: 10am

In the case of inclement weather, GROUP CLASSES will be cancelled at my discretion, an email will be sent by 8am on Saturday if a group class is cancelled. If you have any questions regarding weather and group class, call me.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding Group Class, please feel free to contact me at any time.

Sample Contract/Student Profile 2018-19

Student Profile: Please fill out this form and return it.

Parent’s Name _________________________________________________________

city________________________________ state______________ zip_______________
Telephone Number                                                                                                                                   Y/N Text
home________________ work___________________ cell________________________
Email address___________________________________________________________

Student 1: Name ______________________________________________________
Age_______________ Birth date_____________________________________________
Grade Level______________ School _________________________________________
Years playing the violin_____ Proficiency Level/Most Recent Piece Learned__________
Does your child play in an orchestra (school/CKYO/etc)? Yes/No
If yes, where _____________________________________________________________
How long _______________________________________________________________

Student 2: Name ______________________________________________________
Age_______________ Birth date_____________________________________________
Grade Level______________ School _________________________________________
Years playing the violin_____ Proficiency Level/Most Recent Piece Learned__________
Does your child play in an orchestra (school/CKYO/etc)? Yes/No
If yes, where _____________________________________________________________
How long _______________________________________________________________

Student 3: Name ______________________________________________________
Age_______________ Birth date_____________________________________________
Grade Level______________ School _________________________________________
Years playing the violin_____ Proficiency Level/Most Recent Piece Learned__________
Does your child play in an orchestra (school/CKYO/etc)? Yes/No
If yes, where _____________________________________________________________
How long _______________________________________________________________

Fall 2018

*Minor Student Contract: The parent must read and sign before lessons can begin.

I,_________________________, as the parent or legal guardian of ________________________, have read and understand the rules and obligations as they are outlined in the studio policies which have been provided both in writing and at I understand that failure to follow these rules (including rules regarding regular practice, listening, and participation in studio activities), either by myself or by my child, can lead to the termination of my child’s lessons. I further understand that all financial obligations must be paid before lessons begin. I am aware that I am obligated for the entire semester, regardless of the payment option I have chosen. Payments may be made by cash, check, or credit card. Please make checks payable to Bethany Watt for all private and group lessons. Credit card payments are processed by Paypal and will incur a processing fee.
Payment Option: Please circle the number of the option that you choose and initial by the number. Students taking part in group class must also select item 3:

1—I choose to pay for lessons on a semester basis. My check for
the semester will be presented at the first lesson.

2—I choose to pay for lessons on a monthly basis. My check for
each month will be presented at the first lesson of the month.

3—My student will be taking part in group class activities. My
payment for group class is due in full at the first class meeting.

Please mark one:
___ You MAY share my student’s image (photo/video) on the Watt Violin Studio
Website or Facebook Page.
___ You MAY NOT share my student’s image (photo/video) on the Watt Violin
Studio Website or Facebook Page.

Please mark one:
___You MAY share my email address with other parents for lesson trading.
___You MAY NOT share my email address with other parents for lesson trading.

__________________________________ ____________________________
Name Date

Student Contract: The student must read and sign before lessons can begin.
As a student of Bethany Watt, I understand that I must come to lessons on time, prepared, and with a positive attitude for lessons to be successful. I understand that I must practice and listen on the days that I do not have lessons. I also understand that the teacher may terminate my lessons if I do not meet these requirements.

________________________________ ____________________________
Name Date

________________________________ ____________________________
Name Date

________________________________ ____________________________
Name Date

Studio Policies 2018-2019

Please read the following studio policies carefully. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.

Contact information:
Bethany Watt
768 Vermillion Peak Pass, Lexington, KY, 40515
(859) 272-8437 — Please expect to talk to the answering machine. I do not answer the
phone while I am teaching; however, I do screen phone calls. Leave a
detailed message. I will only call you back if it is necessary.
(859) 492-2832; cell phone – for EMERGENCIES only, texting is preferred

Tuition may be paid on either a semester or a monthly basis as indicated by you on a contract each semester. There will be 32 weeks of lessons this year, divided into two semesters. The fall will be 15 weeks and the spring will be 17 weeks. If paying on a semester basis, tuition is due at the FIRST lesson of the semester. If paying on a monthly basis, tuition is due at the FIRST lesson of each month. If payment is not received by the second lesson of the month, a $5 late fee will be added to the total. If you are paying by the semester the year total has been figured and then divided in half. If you are paying monthly, tuition has been added up and then divided creating equal monthly installments. There is no monetary credit given for missed lessons. (Please see below for cancellation and reschedule policies). Tuition does not cover extra expenses such as music, accompanist fees, group class fees, or so forth.

30 minute lesson = $90/month;  $450/semester

45 minute lesson = $125/month; $625/semester

60 minute lesson = $160/month; $800/semester

SIBLING DISCOUNT = For back to back lessons, you receive a $5 discount per sibling.

30-30 lessons = $160/month, $800/semester

30-45 lessons = $195/month, $975/semester

30-60 lessons $230/month, $1150/semester

I accept cash, check made payable to Bethany Watt, or credit card via Paypal. Paypal links are available on the studio website. There is a fee charged for all credit card transactions.

Group classes are $40 per semester. Please see below for group class requirements.

Summer session lessons are to be paid for at the beginning of each month. There are no makeup lessons in the summer; however, if you let me know in advance that you will be missing a lesson, you will not be billed for that lesson. If it is possible, you can switch a lesson during the same week. The summer session is 8 weeks long, running in June and July.

Practice Requirements:
Students must maintain a consistent practice and listening schedule to succeed. Practice should include daily work on scales, exercises and passage work, technique, review, current piece, and music theory as assigned. Practice requirements are as follows:
Beginner (Twinkler): 10-15 minutes daily, minimum weekly goal = 60 minutes
Book 1: 15-20 minutes daily, minimum weekly goal = 75 minutes
Books 2 and 3: 30-45 minutes daily, minimum weekly goal = 150 minutes
Books 4 and 5: 45-60 minutes daily, minimum weekly goal = 225 minutes
Book 6 and above: 60-75+ minutes daily, minimum weekly goal = 300 minutes
As students advance, the minimum amount of practice time needed each week will continue to increase. Typically, advanced students will be practicing several hours each day. Students receive a weekly practice log with detailed homework assignments. Please make sure that daily practice is recorded on the log and that the log is signed by a parent and brought to the next lesson. At certain points during the year, a Practice Journal Space will be used as well. This space is used to set goals, practice plans, and chart progress in meeting practice goals. A Practice Reward Program is in place for all Watt Studio students. Each week that the student’s practice goal is met a star is earned. Five stars = a prize. Please use this and other incentives to help encourage daily practice. If you are having practice motivation problems at any point, please let me know. Students are required to listen to their Suzuki recordings EVERY DAY! Specific listening goals will be set in students’ lessons.

Rules and Policies:
1. Please arrive to your lesson on time. If you arrive late, it cuts into your lesson because I cannot run over. Also, if you drop your child off, please also pick him/her up on time.
2. Do NOT ring the doorbell unless the door is locked. Please let yourself in quietly, wait on the bench in the foyer, and unpack your instrument. This is my home, please respect my property.
3. Please stay in the foyer area unless you have permission to be elsewhere. My daughter may be in the living room. Please do not bother her.
4. Parking Policy: You may park in my driveway (2 spaces) or in front of my home (1 space) only. Please do NOT park in front of my neighbors’ homes or go onto other people’s property for any reason.
5. For all activities at St. Luke, please come in at your scheduled activity time and unpack your instrument. Please be quiet if I am finishing with the previous student or group. Please also be respectful of St. Luke’s property. We are privileged to be able to use space there.
6. A minimum of 24 hours notice is requested for all cancelled lessons.
7. If I must cancel a lesson, it will be made up.
8. If a student cancels a lesson it will NOT be made up unless you choose to use your one make-up lesson. You will only have one make-up, once this is used, no more make-ups will be given. I MUST ENFORCE THIS POLICY. With a full studio, there is very little space available for makeup lessons. There will be six make-up days available for your use this semester. YOU MAY CONTACT OTHER STUDENTS IN THE STUDIO TO SEE IF A SWITCH IS POSSIBLE IF YOU CANNOT ATTEND YOUR SCHEDULED LESSON TIME OR YOU MAY CONTACT ME ABOUT DOING A LESSON BY PHONE OR SWITCHING LESSON TIMES. A SWITCHED LESSON IS DEFINED AS OCCURING WITHIN THE SAME WEEK AS YOUR REGULAR LESSON.
9. INCLEMENT WEATHER: If Fayette Co. Public Schools are closed due to weather, Lessons taught at my HOME WILL BE TAUGHT if it is safe for you to get here. If you WILL NOT be attending a lesson in my home due to weather, YOU MUST CONTACT ME. If at all possible, lessons that cannot be attended in person due to inclement weather will be taught over the phone during your scheduled lesson time. Lessons cancelled due to inclement weather WILL be made up. GROUP CLASSES will be cancelled at my discretion, an email will be sent by 8am on Saturday if a group class is cancelled. If you have any questions regarding weather and group class, call me.
10. Email will be used almost exclusively for communication. All forms, payment reminders, etc. will be sent by email. Information is also posted to Facebook and the Watt Violin Studio website to keep you well informed.

Required Activities:
Group classes, Play Throughs, Festival, and Recitals are all important aspects of a Suzuki Music Education. As such, they are ALL highly suggested activities in the Watt Studio for eligible students. More advanced students who are also in orchestra may request exemption from group class at my discretion. If there is a group class available for you it is REQUIRED. If you have a conflict with your scheduled group class, you MUST speak with me. ALL STUDENTS MUST PLAY ON AT LEAST ONE RECITAL EACH SEMESTER. – NO EXCEPTIONS!

Happy Birthday, Dr. Suzuki!

Happy Birthday, Dr. Suzuki! Born on October 17, 1898, Shinichi Suzuki spent the better part of his nearly century-long life helping the world to realize the amazing potential that is poised waiting to be unleashed in every human being. Now it is our turn to fully realize our potential as a community, ensuring that Dr. Suzuki’s message is heard throughout the Americas. Join us at the “Power of Community” to learn more.

16 Suzuki Articles for Parents

We’ve pulled some of the best articles for parents from past issues of the Minijournal. Topics include tone, practicing ideas, listening, note taking at lessons, getting the most out of Institutes, and more.

These articles are available to everyone, so share them with your friends!

See Suzuki Articles for Parents

Note Reading Ideas

Note Reading Ideas
by Ramona Stirling

March 10, 2011 / Minijournal 2000 / Parents, Reading

Photo by Jay Brasch
Is your child frustrated when playing in orchestra at a Suzuki Institute? The note reading skills of some Suzuki students do not match their wonderful playing skills. Since students have different ways of learning, some will learn to read music with very little effort, while for others it is a tremendous struggle.

A constructive parent suggested that I list reading goals for my students. It has been helpful, and I encourage you to sit down and make some for your child or your students. Below are some I have heard or used myself.

Encourage your child to:

1.Master scales. By Book 4, students should be playing two-octaves scales from music. Linda Case suggested Progressive Scale Studies by Linda Rose (Kjos), which I like a lot. Book 5 students should be able to play three-octave scales and arpeggios and should understand major and minor. I use Scales for Advanced Violinists by Barbara Barber.

2.Use rhythmic notation books. I Can Read Music, by Joanne Martin, is a good start and is published for violin, viola and cello. I start these in Book 2 and work up to more advanced books. Winning Rhythms, published by Kjos, is great for clapping rhythms to get familiar with them.

3.Read easy duet books. This is especially helpful for poor sight-readers. Encourage them to read a duet with you at every practice session. The duet part can be played on the piano if another string player is not available.

4.Learn an easy piece from music every month. Choose a piece below the student’s playing level.

5.Join an orchestra. If none available, volunteer to make it happen. Even if you cannot teach it, perhaps someone to organize and run it is all that the teachers in your area need.

Parents need to help. Younger students need to read about 5 to 10 minutes a day, every day, or it never gets off the ground. The teacher cannot do this alone. Parents could hire an older student to come over and read duets once a week for a half hour.

I just hope that parents who suggested that I list these goals doesn’t come into my studio and give all my students a test. Most are great readers, but I still have some Book 6 and 7 students who—despite all my efforts and those of their parents—wouldn’t know the difference if I turned the music upside down! And they play really well!

Let’s all keep working to make orchestra and chamber music experiences better for our students.

Review Chart

Review Chart – Books 1 through 5

Day 1

Twinkle Var A
Lightly Row
Long, Long Ago
Gossec Gavotte
Lully Gavotte
Gavotte in g minor
Seitz 2, mvt 3
Bach Double vln II
German Dance

Day 2

Twinkle Var B
Song of the Wind
Minuet I
Chorus from J.M.
Minuet in G
Seitz 5, mvt 1
Bach Gavotte

Day 3

Twinkle Var C
Go Tell Aunt Rhody
Perpetual Motion
Minuet II
Two Grenadiers
Boccherini Minuet
Becker Gavotte
Seitz 5, mvt 3
Vivaldi mvt 2
Bach Double vln I

Day 4

Twinkle Var D
O Come, Little Chil.
Minuet III
Hunter’s Chorus
Witches’ Dance
Martini Gavotte
Gavotte in D Major
Vivaldi mvt 1
Vivaldi g minor

Day 5

Twinkle Theme
May Song
Happy Farmer
Long, Long Ago
Bach Minuet
Bach Bourree
Vivaldi mvt 3
Country Dance