First group class of the semester is THIS Saturday!

Posted by Bethany Watt in News on January 5, 2009.

Don’t forget that our first group class of the semester is THIS Saturday.  We will be meeting at our new location at St. Luke United Methodist Church located on Alumni Drive.  There is a map available if you need more specific directions.  Please park in the Alumni Drive lot and enter through the main doors.  All church doors remain locked but either I or a parent will be on “door duty” letting people in.  We will be meeting in the lobby of the church.  Chairs are available for parents, please remove a chair from the rack, but return it when you are finished.  Students are asked to unpack and leave their cases along the back wall of the room on the wooden benches.  All students need to bring their theory folder, a pencil, and a music stand to group classes.  Students in books 3 and 4 who own a Duet book are asked to bring it as well.  Please make sure to stay only in the lobby area of the church.  We are asked not to wander through the other parts of the church building. Your group fee of $42 is due at group class on Saturday.  Please make checks payable to Bethany Watt.

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