LFMC String Festival

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Saturday, April 24
Central Christian Church

LFMC String Festival

Points to Remember:

1. Dress Code: no jeans or gym shoes. Dresses/coat and tie are appropriate but not required.

2. You must bring an original score of your piece for the judges. NO PHOTOCOPIES! It is recommended that penciled remarks/instructions be erased from the music. I will have several copies of the Suzuki books with me, but please bring your music if at all possible.

3. NO REPEATS are allowed except in the early folk songs. D.C.’s and variations, however, are required.

4. Plan to park in the parking lot of Central Christian Church. They have ample parking available.

5. All students should register at the table just outside of the Evans Music Room on the second floor of Central Christian Church.

6. A warm-up room with an adult to help tune your violin is available for all students. Students will be directed from the warm-up room to the performance space at the appropriate time by the moderator.

7. Students in a particular category will proceed to the performance space together and listen to each other perform. Once the category is complete, the students will be dismissed as a group, their music returned, and the adjudicator’s comments distributed.

8. Photography, video, and audio recordings are prohibited during all festival performances.

9. When the adjudicator sheets are returned, give the PINK copy to your teacher. The YELLOW copy is yours to keep.

10. All students MUST have a run-through rehearsal with the pianist prior to the festival. THIS REHEARSAL IS TBA. The accompanist fee is $10 and is due at the rehearsal.

11. Student Performance Procedure:
a. Hand the music to the moderator.
b. Stand at the appropriate position near the piano.
c. Before playing, announce your name, the pieces you are playing and their composers.
d. Play position to let the accompanist know that you are ready (including placing your bow on the string).
e. Bow when you are finished with both pieces and return to your seat.


Pre-primary-Primary 1 7:45am 8:00am 8:29am
Primary 2 8:15am 8:29am 9:08am
Primary 3-Primary 4 8:50am 9:08am 9:56am
Medium 1-Medium 3 10:30am 10:45am 11:21am
Junior 1B (concerto) 2:30pm 2:45pm 3:25pm

Pre-Primary/Primary 1 – Hannah Brown, Andrew Vogel, Laura Mendenhall, Eleanor Liu

Primary 2 – Isaac Martin, Julia May, Da-Yup Kim

Primary 3/Primary 4 – Sophia Li, Tobias Cox, Katie Brown

Medium 2 – Madison Jones
Junior 1B – Madison Jones

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