LFMC String Festival Rehearsal

Posted by Bethany Watt in Uncategorized on April 8, 2010.

The rehearsal will be Sunday, April 18th, at Tina Simpson’s home at 323 Cross Lane. To get there, take Tates Creek in towards downtown. Turn right on Hart (next to Cassidy Elementary); go through the stop sign; turn left onto Cross Lane; Tina’s home is the second house on the left. Mrs. Simpson is another Suzuki violin teacher in town.

PP-P1 please arrive at 2pm.
P2 please arrive at 2:30pm.
P3 please arrive at 3pm.
P4 please arrive at 4pm.

The pianist is Sally Kelton. The fee is $10. Please bring your fee with you and plan to pay it directly to Ms. Kelton.

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