Christmas Performance — December 4, 6:45pm

Posted by Bethany Watt in Uncategorized on November 3, 2010.

We will be playing prelude music for the St. Luke United Methodist Church Christmas Pageant again this year. They are very gracious to provide us a place for group classes and recitals at a very reduced fee.

The performance will be Saturday, December 4. Please plan to arrive between 6:30 and 6:45pm. We will play starting at 6:50pm. The play will begin at 7pm. You are invited to stay for the play; however, you do not have to stay. It has a Christmas theme and will not last more than an hour. There is a reception following the performance, and you are invited to that as well.

Dress for this concert is black/navy bottom and a festive, Christmas top. Alternately, if you do not have a Christmas top, you may wear red or green.

We will be playing the following Christmas carols for this performance:
Jolly Old St. Nicholas (pg 3)
A — Andrew, Charlie, Simeon, Chuck, Allyson
B — Sophia, Isaac, Eleanor, Julia, Ellie
C — Tobias, Hannh, Laura, Raliegh
Good King Wenceslas (pg 4)
A — Isaac, Tobias, Charlie, Katie, Ellie
B — Eleanor, Sophia, Andrew, Julia, Raliegh
C — Simeon, Hannah, Chuck, Laura
Adeste Fideles (pg 5)
A — Hannah, Laura, Tobias, Allyson, Ellie
B — Isaac, Eleanor, Sophia, Katie, Raliegh
C — Chuck, Simeon, Charlie, Andrew, Julia
Up on the Housetop (pg 7)
A — Andrew, Charlie, Chuck, Simeon, Katie, Ellie
B — Eleanor, Isaac, Sophia, Allyson, Raliegh
C — Tobias, Hannah, Laura, Julia
We Wish You a Merry Christmas (pg 8)
A — Hannah, Laura, Tobias, Katie, Ellie
B — Isaac, Eleanor, Sophia, Allyson, Raliegh
C — Chuck, Charlie, Simeon, Andrew, Julia
Joy to the World (pg 16)
A — Andrew, Tobias, Hannah, Laura, Allyson
B — Sophia, Eleanor, Isaac, Katie, Ellie
C — Simeon, Charlie, Chuck, Julia, Raliegh
O Come Little Children (Suzuki Vol. 1)
Melody — Andrew, Laura, Simeon, Charlie, Chuck, Eleanor, Julia, Allyson
Duet (handout) — Sophia, Isaac, Hannah, Tobias, Katie, Ellie, Raliegh
Jingle Bells (handout stapled into Christmas book)
Melody (chorus only) — Chuck, Simeon, Charlie, Evie, Bridget, Emily
Melody (chorus and verse) — Laura, Eleanor, Andrew, Julia, Allyson, Ellie
Harmony (violin 2, chorus and verse) — Tobias, Isaac, Sophia, Hannah, Katie, Raliegh

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