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Here are the rules for the NFMC Composition Competition. Please let me know if you are interested in entering.

ELIGIBILITY: Entrants must be members in good standing of NFMC as either an Active Junior Club member or an Individual Junior Member and may enter only one composition in their state Junior Composers Contest. Note: National first place winners in any class may not win in that class again.
FEBRUARY 1 is the deadline for all compositions to be received for the State Contests. Note: earlier dates may be set and are recommended. First and second place winners are forwarded to the Regional Chairman, so as to be received by March 1st. Regional winners are selected and forwarded to the National Chairman so as to be received by April 1st for final adjudication and awarding of cash prizes.
CONTENT AND MUSICIANSHIP will be taken into account when judged.
TYPE OF ENTRY: Compositions may be for keyboard, voice, other instruments or any combination. All compositions must be submitted first to the state chairman.
NATIONAL PRIZE AWARDS: (Age determined as of March 1.)
Junior Class I (ages 9 & under) $100*, $ 75* and 2 incentive awards of $50*
Junior Class II (ages 10-12) $150*, $100* and 2 incentive awards of $50*
Junior Class III (ages 13-15) $150*, $100* and 3 incentive awards of $50*
Junior Class IV (ages 16-18) $200*, $100* and 4 incentive awards of $50*
$125* John and Margaret Pierson Composers Award in Class III
$200* Junior Composers Award for Strings in Class IV
$ 50* Laura K. Wilson Award for Piano in Class IV
$ 50* Olga Klein Nelson Composers Award in Class IV
Class I Two $ 50* awards in each of the 5 regions
Class II Two $ 50* awards in each of the 5 regions
Class III Three $50* awards in each of the 5 regions
Class IV Three $50* awards in each of the 5 regions
Note: 2 compositions each in Classes I and II; 3 compositions each in Classes III and IV are to be forwarded to the national chairman.
All Classes (I, II, III, and IV) must be annotated on manuscript paper by the entrant or computer-generated by the entrant. The State Chairman must receive all entries by February 1. Audio tapes or CD’s are not required for Classes I and II, but they should be sent with Classes III and IV; however, tapes or CD’s are absolutely required with any composition for more than one instrument. Send manuscript, tape (if submitted) and self-addressed, stamped envelope (SASE) no smaller than 9 x 12. Manuscripts, tapes (if submitted) and critiques will be returned in the SASE. Postal Regulations prohibit the use of metered postage for return mail. Use regular stamps from the Post Office for return postage on SASE. Entrants should keep a copy of their composition in case of loss in mail.
Although the Junior Composers Contest in no longer a part of festival, students may work towards festival cups in the same manner as entrants in festival by paying the appropriate fees.
Junior Composers Contest Application (JR 7-2) and Judges Rating Sheet (JR 7-3) are to be used for all contests.
Karen S. Greenhalgh, Chairman, 8261 S. San Juan Range Road, Littleton, CO 80127;

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