16 Suzuki Articles for Parents

We’ve pulled some of the best articles for parents from past issues of the Minijournal. Topics include tone, practicing ideas, listening, note taking at lessons, getting the most out of Institutes, and more. These articles are available to everyone, so share them with your friends! See 16 Suzuki Articles for Parents http://suzukiassociation.org/news/4957/?utm_source=email&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Suzuki%20E-News%20%2331%3A%20Leadership%20Retreat%2C%20Articles%20for%20Parents%2C%20Writing%20Contest%2C%202012%20Conference%2C%20Board%20Ballot

Spring Recital Information

Several of you have started asking about the Spring Studio Recital. It is scheduled for Sunday, April 17th, at 3pm, with a reception to follow. Please plan to arrive at 2:45pm and bring a snack to share. (Chuck and Raleigh, you are both invited to play a solo, with the permission of your private teacher, […]

Note Reading Ideas

Note Reading Ideas by Ramona Stirling March 10, 2011 / Minijournal 2000 / Parents, Reading Photo by Jay Brasch Is your child frustrated when playing in orchestra at a Suzuki Institute? The note reading skills of some Suzuki students do not match their wonderful playing skills. Since students have different ways of learning, some will […]

String Festival Rehearsal

Rehearsal for String Festival will be as follows: Pre-Primary through Primary 4: Chuck, Emily, Evie, Bridget, Charlie, Andrew, Simeon, Laura, Hannah, Julia, Raleigh, and Ellie Rehearsal will be 8:30-10am on Saturday, March 19th, in the Sanctuary at St. Luke United Methodist Church. Barbara Herbener will be there to run pieces. We will play in order […]