Group Classes Start September 10th

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Group Class Details:

Dates: September 10 and 24, October 8 and 22, November 12

(Christmas group on December 3rd, but the time will be different)

Location: St. Luke United Methodist Church, 2351 Alumni Drive.

This semester we will be meeting in the Trinity Room located in the new Life Center Wing.

Please come around to the back side of the new wing to park and plan to enter through door No. 6. Door No. 6 will always be unlocked though sometimes other doors may be unlocked due other activities at the church. Once you enter through door No. 6, you will take a left, pass the bathrooms and several classrooms. The Trinity Room will be on your left.

If your child is in the mid-book 1 class, you may choose to drop him or her off; however, please walk your child to the classroom and plan to pick him/her up from the classroom. If your child is in the early book 1 class, parents are asked to stay.


mid book 1-book 2: Laura M, Charlie M, Simeon K, Andrew V, Emily X, Avanti S, Andrew Z

9-9:30 theory

9:30-9:50 Repertoire

mid book 1: Evie W, Bridget C, Reagan L

9:30-9:50 Repertoire (with the mid book 1-book 2 students)

10-10:20 Theory (with the early book 1 students)

Early book 1: Sophia R, Aisling B, Mollyemma E, Samantha E, Abram K, Ingrid C, Cora W, Harper B, Kennedy L

10-10:20 Theory

10:20-10:45 Repertoire

Please plan to arrive early for group class so that you have ample time to unpack, tune, and be ready for class to start at its scheduled time.

Fee: $35 (cash or check payable to Bethany Watt) is due at the first group class.

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