Group Classes Spring 2012

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Group classes are an integral part of Suzuki instruction; therefore, group classes are REQUIRED unless you are in school orchestra. They are highly suggested for all students who are in books 1 and 2, even if they are in school orchestra. Please contact me about extenuating circumstances or schedule conflicts.

PAYMENT: Payment for Group Class is due at the first Group Class of the semester.
The group fee for this semester is $35. Please make checks payable to Bethany Watt.

Group classes will meet on the following Saturdays: January 21; February 4 and 18; March 3 and 17. All Group Classes will meet at St. Luke United Methodist Church located at 2351 Alumni Drive. We will meet in the Trinity Room. Please park in the rear of the new building and enter through Door No. 6. Take a left down the hall once you enter the building.

Late book 1 and up: 9-10:00am
Early Book 1: 10:00-10:45am (Pre-Twinklers through mid-book 1)

In the case of inclement weather, GROUP CLASSES will be cancelled at my discretion, an email will be sent by 8am on Saturday if a group class is cancelled. If you have any questions regarding weather and group class, call me.

mid book 1-book 2 9-10am
9-9:30 Theory
9:30-10:00 Repertoire

Laura Mendenhall — Bourree
Charlie Maul — Chorus
Andrew Vogel – Gavotte
Emily Xiao – Minuet 2
Evie Watt – Etude
Avanti S. – Minuet 1
Andrew Liu – Minuet 2
Bridget – Etude
Reagan Leuker – Minuet 1
Chuck Logsdon – Minuets
Chloe Wiseman – Allegretto
Ingrid Cassel – Minuet 1

Early book 1
10-10:30 Theory
10:30-10:45 Repertoire

Sophia Richardson – Go Tell Aunt Rhody
Aisling – O Come Little Children
Mollyemma Edington – Song of the Wind
Samantha Edington – Lightly Row
Cora W. – Pop Goes the Weasel/open strings
Harper B. – Lightly Row
Kennedy L. – Pop Goes the Weasel/open strings
Nathan Crissman – new beginner
Sarah Crissman – new beginner


Da-Yup Kim – school orchestra, CKYO
Sarita Hernandez – school orchestra, CKYO
Tobias Cox – school orchestra
Sophia Li – SCAPA, school orchestra
Katie Brown – school orchestra, CKYO
Hannah Brown – school orchestra
Julia May – school orchestra
Lily O’Connor – special
Ellie Kim – school orchestra, band, CKYO
Allyson Meers – school orchestra
Isaac Martin – SCAPA, school orchestra, CKYO

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