Lesson Schedule — Spring 2013

Posted by Bethany Watt in Uncategorized on January 3, 2013.

3:30pm Harper C.
4:00pm OPEN
4:30pm Allyson M.
5:00pm Mollyemma E.
5:25pm Samantha E.
8:00pm Da-Yup K.

4:00pm Maeve B.
4:05pm Aisling B.
4:30pm Bridget C.
5:00pm Tobias C.
5:30pm Laura M.
6:00pm Sophia L.

2:00pm Tori S.
3:30pm Evie W.
4:00pm Katie B.
4:30pm Julia M.

8:30am Andrea W.
9:00am Cora W.
9:30am Reagan L.
10:00am Kennedy L.
10:15am Sarah C.
10:30am Nathan C.
11:00am Lily O.
4:00pm Allie D.
4:30pm Andrew L.
5:00pm Avanti S.
5:30pm Ellie K.
5:45pm Emily X.

3:30pm Ingrid C.
4:15pm Isaac M.
5:00pm Max Q.
5:30pm Charlie M.

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