Lesson Schedule Fall 2017

The lesson schedule for the Fall Semester is available on the calendar tab.

Fall Semester 2017: Important Dates

AUGUST: Payment due – Semester or First monthly installment AUGUST 21: FALL Semester begins (payment due) AUGUST 26: Group classes meet Late Book 1+ 9am; Early Book 1 10:00am; St. Luke UMC; Group class fee due ($35) SEPTEMBER: Payment due if paying monthly SEPTEMBER 4: LABOR DAY, STUDIO CLOSED (makeup 10/2) SEPTEMBER 9: Group classes […]

Rubberband Chain Practice Challenge

Rubber Band Chain Practice Challenge Rules: This challenge will run August 21 through October 27. You may begin collecting links the week of August 28. 1. Each day that you practice will earn you 1 link on your chain. 2. If you practice 6 days, you will earn 1 bonus link. If you practice 7 […]

Group Classes Fall 2017

Group classes are an integral part of Suzuki instruction; therefore, group classes are REQUIRED unless you are in school orchestra. They are highly suggested for all students who are in books 1 and 2, even if they are in school orchestra. Please contact me about extenuating circumstances or schedule conflicts. GROUP STUDENTS: Violette W, Cora […]

Sample Contract/Student Profile 2017-2018

2017-2018 Student Profile: Please fill out this form and return it. Parent’s Name _________________________________________________________ Address________________________________________________________________ city________________________________ state______________ zip_______________ Telephone Number home________________ work___________________ cell________________________ Email address___________________________________________________________ Student 1: Name ______________________________________________________ Age_______________ Birth date_____________________________________________ Grade Level______________ School _________________________________________ Years playing the violin_____ Proficiency Level/Most Recent Piece Learned__________ ________________________________________________________________________ Does your child play in an orchestra (school/CKYO/etc)? Yes/No […]

Studio Policies 2017-2018

Please read the following studio policies carefully. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns. Contact information: Bethany Watt 768 Vermillion Peak Pass, Lexington, KY, 40515 (859) 272-8437 — Please expect to talk to the answering machine. I do not answer the phone while I am teaching; however, I do screen phone […]