Play Through Repertoire List

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Play Through
August 26, 1-3pm
Veteran’s Park Shelter No. 4

Repertoire List:

Pre-Twinkle demonstration

Book 4/5:
Bach, Concerto for Two Violins in D Minor (Bach Double) –
Book 5 part: Sophia, Emily, Tobias, Andrew, Isaac
Book 4 part: Ingrid, Evie, Reagan, Alan, Mrs. Watt

Book 4:
Seitz, Concerto No. 2, 3rd mvt (everyone melody)

Book 3:
Dvorak, Humoresque
Bach, Gavotte in g minor

Book 2:
Beethoven, Minuet in G
Paganini, Theme from Witches’ Dance
Brahms, Waltz
Weber, Hunter’s Chorus
Handel, Chorus from Judas Maccabaeus

Book 1:
Schumann, Happy Farmer
Bach, Minuet 3 (with minor part from book 3)
Suzuki, Andantino
Suzuki, Allegro
May Song
Go Tell Aunt Rhody

**Duet parts will be provided for students. You must be 2 books beyond the book you play duets for (ie book 5 students may play duets for book 3).

Order of the day:
Tune – line up
Play Through
Pack up
Popsicles – Pinic

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