Spring Semester 2019: Important Dates

JANUARY: Payment due – Semester or First monthly installment JANUARY 7: SPRING Semester begins (payment due) JANUARY 19: Group classes meet Late Book 1+  9am;  Early Book 1 10:00am; St. Luke UMC; Group class fee due ($40)  JANUARY 21: MLK DAY – STUDIO OPEN  JANUARY 25: LFMC STRING FESTIVAL REGISTRATION DEADLINE ($20/event) FEBRUARY: Payment due if […]

Group Classes: Spring Semester 2019

Group classes are an integral part of Suzuki instruction; therefore, group classes are REQUIRED unless you are in school orchestra. They are highly suggested for all students who are in books 1 and 2, even if they are in school orchestra. Please contact me about extenuating circumstances or schedule conflicts. GROUP STUDENTS: Violette W, Josh […]