Review Chart

Posted by Bethany Watt in Review Chart on April 8, 2010.

Review Chart – Books 1 through 5

Here is a dice to roll to choose a day.

Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5
Twinkle Var A Twinkle Var B Twinkle Var C Twinkle Var D/E Twinkle Theme
Lightly Row Song of the Wind Go Tell Aunt Rhody O Come Little Children May Song
Long, Long Ago Allegro Perpetual Motion Allegretto Andantino
Etude Minuet I Minuet II Minuet III Happy Farmer
Gossec Gavotte Chorus from J.M. Musette Hunter’s Chorus Long, Long Ago
Waltz Bouree Two Grenadiers Witches’ Dance Mignon
Lully Gavotte Minuet in G Bocherini Minuet Martini Gavotte Bach Minuet
Gavotte in g minor Humoresque Backer Gavotte Gavotte in D Major Bach Bouree
Seitz 2, mvt 3 Seitz 5, mvt 1 Setiz 5, mvt 3 Vivaldi mvt 1 Vivaldi mvt 3
Bohm Perpetual Motion Bach Double vln II Bach Gavotte Vivaldi mvt 2 Vivaldi g minor
Country dance German Dance Gigue Bach Double vln I

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