COVID-19 Policies

Posted by Bethany Watt in News,Studio Business on July 22, 2020.

COVID-19/Online Lesson Policies:         

  1. Online lessons will be available for the duration of the Pandemic.
    • Students choosing the online option will use the Zoom platform. Having a secondary platform such as Facebook Live or Google Meets, in case of technical difficulties, is encouraged.
    • Students should have a stable internet connection that is as fast as possible (being close to the router or plugging directly into the router can help with speed issues).
    • Students need a device with both a camera and a microphone. (Internal mikes are fine though an external mike may improve sound quality.) The larger the screen, the better.
    • Laptops are encouraged though phones are acceptable, if necessary.
    • Please also make sure lighting makes the student easily visible. I need to be able to see a minimum of waist up with both hands visible.
    • Students should have a designated location for lessons that is quiet and has as few distractions as possible.
    • Please make sure your device is fully charged or plugged in.
    • Please have all materials ready and log into your lesson on-time. Necessary materials include your instrument (already tuned if possible), a tuner and metronome, all music, a music stand, and a pencil. A notebook to jot down notes is encouraged.
  2. In-person lessons are at the discretion of the teacher as well as any local, state, or federal mandates. Lessons may be switched to online at any point during the semester based on current virus cases as well as local, state and federal mandates.
  3. Any group activities (classes, recitals, etc) must follow all local, state, and federal mandates. Online options will be available if in-person options are not possible.
  4. Any in-person activities will have the following rules in place:
    • Hands MUST be sanitized in front of the teacher.
    • Temperature checks will take place at the start of each lesson. All present will be checked using a touchless thermometer.
    • Masks MUST be worn.
    • Student and teacher must remain 6 ft apart at all times. (Floor markings and clear partitions are set up in the studio to facilitate this).
    • Students must provide their own instruments and supplies. No pencils, etc, will be available. If at all possible, bring your own tuner and metronome to lessons.
    • If ANYONE in your HOUSEHOLD is ILL, you MUST contact the teacher to switch any in-person lessons to Zoom lessons.
    • Only 1 student may be in the studio/Mrs. Watt’s home at a time. Any siblings must wait outside/in the car. There is no longer a waiting room area.
    • 1 Parent is allowed to accompany ELEMENTARY aged children (through 5th grade). Middle and High School students should plan to attend lessons alone.
    • The Teacher will sanitize between family groups.

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