Schedule Fall 2020

Studio Schedule Fall 2020 Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri lunch lunch lunch lunch lunch 1:00 McKinley L. 1:15 1:30 Nathan C. Jackson L. 1:45 2:00 Lily O. Kennedy L. 2:15 2:30 Reagan L. 2:45 3:00 Pick up Evie Pick up Evie Pick up Evie Pick up Evie Pick up Evie 4:00 Available for makeup Available […]

Profile and Contract Fall 2020

Student Profile: Please fill out this form and return it. PARENT INFORMATION: Parent’s Name _________________________________________________________   Address________________________________________________________________ city________________________________ state______________ zip_______________ Telephone Number                                                                                           Y/N texting home________________ work___________________ cell________________________ Primary Email address____________________________________________________ Secondary Email address (if any)____________________________________________ Secondary Phone Number (if any)___________________________________________   STUDENT INFORMATION:   Student 1:        Name ______________________________________________________ Age_______________ Birth date_____________________________________________ Grade Level______________ School _________________________________________ […]

Group lessons: FALL 2020

Group classes are an integral part of Suzuki instruction; therefore, group classes are REQUIRED unless you are in school orchestra. Advanced students may be exempted from this requirement by permission of the teacher. If you are not in a performing group but are in at least book 3 and in middle school, please speak to […]

Rhythm Drills

You can go into settings to select which rhythmic values are included. Beginners should start with quarter and half note values. As you become more proficient and as you learn more rhythmic values in your lessons, you can add them to your drills in settings.

Key Signature Drills

Sharp Major Keys – Remember find the last sharp, go up one, that is the key Flat Major Keys – Remember the next to last flat is the key All Major Keys – Minor Keys – Remember the 6th note of the major key is the relative minor key Major and […]

Note Naming Drills

E String – A String – D String – G String – All 4 Strings – Ledger Line Challenge – All Notes (including ledger lines) – Violin Fingerboard –

Scales – Reference Videos/Recordings

G Major Scale Duet: D Major Scale Duet: C Major Scale Duet: A Major Scale Duet: A minor Scale Duet: F Major Scale Duet: D minor Scale Duet: